Monday, March 30, 2009

King George Wakeboards on Trinity Lake!

For his 70th birthday, George received a crown, meant to be worn while wakeboarding, from the Garretts. Here is proof positive that King George not only wore the crown, but didn't even get it wet!
What an AWESOME guy!
We're waiting anxiously for lake season to arrive. Hope to share it with many of my favorite people.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Small cafe in Eureka has name in Travel and Leisure Magazine!
While perusing the April issue of Travel and Leisure Magazine I came across an item under New Places to Eat in their special advertising section for California. The F Street Cafe is being called a gourmet hideaway in Northern California. Now, I don't know if that's a paid advertisement, or if someone just thought it was worthy. Either way, I'm impressed! Congratulations to the hard working staff at F Street Cafe in Eureka. My mouth is watering just thinking about dinner.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baseball Season is upon us! I can tell because it's cold and windy!

When President Obama was interviewed by Stuart Scott from ESPN he said that Wrigley Field is all about beer and beautiful people. Now that's my kind of baseball park!

If anyone out there gets a chance to watch the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field prove Obama wrong. Go there to seriously watch a Cubs Game.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Spring Migration Continues
You otter've been there! It was more than just geese today. Sunrise, deer, and otters. A truly beautiful morning.
"Metasearch Engine" to find best travel values
Here's a link to an article that lists search engines that go beyond Travelocity and Expedia:
I especially like and Mobissimo, but check them out for yourself and be an informed traveler.

Aleutian Geese

Spring Migration

The Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge opened its gates at 6 a.m. this weekend to allow the public to watch thousands of geese wake up and take off on their way north. There are up to 90,000 geese that come through Humboldt County on the Pacific Flyway, an "aerial highway" used during migration. That's a far cry from their status in the early 1970s when they were on the brink of extinction.

Both days were beautiful--but today, Sunday, the clouds reflecting off the water during sunrise made for some fabulous photo ops.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Lassen Volcanic National Park Makes Frommer's Top Destinations for 2009

Take a few days to see waterfalls and wildflowers in Northern California. A fabulous drive this time of year is along Hwy. 70 from Oroville to Quincy. The Feather River National Scenic Byway that meanders through the Feather River Canyon is going to have a brilliant wildflower bloom. Right now the redbud and buttercups are starting the season, which will continue through May.

Just north of Quincy, Hwy. 89 heads up to Lassen Volcanic National Park. Frommer's Travel Guide listed this park as a top destination for 2009! While you're there, spend some time hiking around. The views are fabulous. Don't miss Bumpass Hell, where boiling mud pots are a constant reminder that you're standing on a volcano!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hello from the Arcata Bottom

It's beginning to be cycling season. Time to get back into those bright jackets and warm gloves and head out to the Arcata Bottom. Young calves love to greet you at the fence, hoping you'll be there with treats--but don't do that! Just talk to them. They're so cute!

The daffodils are blooming and this is "The Bottom" at its best. Time to let the sun dry our moldy skin. Start your ride at the Arcata Plaza, where you'll find a good selection of options for your morning joe. My favorite place for breakfast is the Big Blue Cafe, for a simple one-egg breakfast that includes the best chile beans. Nice complimentary protein for a bike ride.
See you at Mad River Beach!